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Stainless Steel, Aluminum Milling Machine Shop Pleasanton CA

CNC Machine Shop Pleasanton CA
  • We work with a variety of materials:

  • Aluminums, Copper, Steels

  • Brass, Bronze, Tool Steel

  • Stainless Steel (303, 304, 316, 416, Etc.)

  • Plastics:

  • Delrin, Teflon, ABS, Polycarbonate

  • PVDF, Torlon, Ultem, Peek, Noryl

  • Vespel Turcite, G-10, G-11

  • Plexiglass, Phenolics, Acrylic

  • Fiberglass, Acetal, Etc.

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CNC Machining | Service | Prototype Parts | CNC Shop Fremont CA | AJ Solution Machining, ISO 9001 Certified CNC machine shop in Fremont CA,


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B: CNC turning equipment  lathe 

 Daewoo  puma 8s  

 Daewoo puma 12s  

C: General machine shop equipment  

Vertical Band Saw

Horizontal Band Saw

Finishing Sander

Vibratory Tumbler

Manual Mill

Manual Lathe

Industrial Drill Presses

Industrial Belt Sander

D: Inspection equipment  

CNC Stainless Steel Milling Machine Shop Pleasanton CA

AJ Solutions Machining has the equipment to get your parts made on time with unparalleled accuracy. We have some of the most talented and experienced staff in Bay area California and are capable of turning

Custom manufacturer of CNC machined plastics. AJ Solution Machining has the ability to machine the most complex parts while maintaining an extremely high level of quality. Both CNC turning and milling are specialties we pride ourselves highly on, including gear hobbing, broaching, spline cutting, facing, contour turning, form turning, taper turning, and straight turning. we specialize in precision CNC machining of a wide array of plastics in Fremont CA, including acrylic, polycarbonate (Lexan), polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS, PVC, and more.

AJ Solutions Machining is a Custom Manufacturer Specializing in Precision Plastic Fabrication, CNC Routing, CNC Turning, and CNC Vertical Milling of plastic parts.

CNC Machine shop: Prototypes, Production: Precision 5 Axis Fremont CA | AJ Solution Machining, ISO 9001 Certified CNC machine shop in Fremont CA,


Mitutoyo CMM

Set of Sine Bars

Bore Gage

Depth Micrometers/Disc/Blade

Test Indicator Sets

18″ Height Cage

Precision Angle Plate

Block Gage Set From .011″ to 1″ / .001 Increment

1″ to 8″ Micrometer Sets

Calipers Range from 6″ to 36″

Complete Set of Pin Gages From .011″ – .875″

3 Granite Measuring Tables, Size 36″ x48″, 24″ x36″, and 18″ x24″


  • Prototype and Production CNC Milling

  • Prototype and Production CNC Turning (Lathe)

  • Programming and CAD/CAM Engineering Service

  • Programming and CAD/CAM Engineering Services

  • Large Part Milling, Turning, and Fabrication

  • Manual Milling and Lathe

  • Inspection

  • Close Tolerance High Precision Quality

  • Rapid Turnaround and Quick Delivery

  • Competitive Pricing

ISO 9001 Certified CNC machine shop in Fremont CA, Highest Quality CNC Machining – We Make prototype Parts You Design Fremont CA | AJ Solution Machining

Our equipment 

A: CNC milling Equipment  

Total of 14 CNC Milling machines.






6-YCM E5


ISO 9001 Certified CNC machine shop in Fremont CA,  CNC machine shop near me  Mountain view CA, | Prototype and Production CNC Milling  prototype


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To apply for a job with AJ Solution Machining, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: [email protected]

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